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Our decorative main gates can be custom made utilizing one of our many designs or we can draft a design to suit your existing facade.

The gates look fantastic and will add protection to your home without losing your homes street appeal and will withstand most things that the elements throw at them.

Floor screens are an attractive and versatile way of creating privacy or setting distinct locations in a large area. They can also be used to cover a less desirable room feature with a magnificent piece of functional art.

  • Balcony Railings
  • Stair Railings / Hand Railings

Another great way to add a unique design feature is to use our panels for deck or stairway railings. Your deck space or stairwell can be enclosed in a beautiful pattern that provides both safety and privacy, while still letting in light. By using a metal for added strength, we can help you choose patterns that meet code restrictions on opening size and function.

Alternative to conventional signage, laser cut signs draw attention to your logo and company branding. Lighted signs optimize effect and visibility. Signs can also be constructed for both indoor or outdoor applications.